Monday, March 8, 2010

Long time din update my blog d..
Tis few days really damn bz la
im bz on chatting with my bii
on phone with my bii
miss my bii
dream my bii
so i din update my blog =[

i with my bii went to pavillion watch movie hehe
i was late again =[
coz i have to style my hair ah!
i promise my bii if im late i have to dance DA LANG dance... shit lo tis time . .
we watch 14 blades
my bii so gao xiu la
saw wu zhun then she say woo~ wu zhun ah. hen shuai a.
haiz she totally forget my existence =[
bleh! nvm i oso have my 徐子珊
ngek ngek she so pretty neh~

after the movie we went to ts have our lunch
then is time for my bii back home le..
haiz time pass so fast
feel mm seh dak her
when she turn around and im watching her back i feel sad =[

haiz 2day abit moody lo!
early in the morning i wake up
i feel happy thought can drive car car go fetch my bii fong hok gek
but suddenly my bro need to use for work
haiz !
he had destroy my PLAN!!!!!
my bii feel dissapointed le..
so we just can meet at nite
her mummy so weird o
allow her go out at nite xD
i oso feel suprise o.0
so we went to connaught nite market
after that david and kok how want to join us so we go kok how house lo
i go his house and find him but he already went down
ngam ngam my hp no battery!
jz can call them once
they say they are going edi
so i go find suet yee lo
all of them are lost!
i have a bad feeling that they are going to yam cha and leaving me =="
i waited very long!
and kok how house have a lot of agua!!!!
very disgusting la!
but got AN AGUA wear very sexy
but i feel wan vomit xD
finally david fetch me
we have wasted 1 hour of this incident
i have wasted 1 hour to see my bii
i feel very unhappy and moody
my bii soh soh de thought i angry her hehe
soh bii i wont angry u de la =]
around 12 am she have to back home d =[
tat's all ~~

Finally i update my blog edi
your dream have come true xD
Last 2 days was our 1 month anniversary
i just want to tell u

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Love You


2day i bring my bii to my house because my mummy want to see her xD
she with her frens went to sunway hang out because want to wait me fetch her
but my bro go to work
my mummy go visit her fren =[
i just can wait at home for the car =[
so i wait wait wait.... . . . . . . ....
and my bii keep chui me because very late d
she wan faster meet me because she very miss me =]
but i cant coz my mummy very slow duno go where d
so sad lo.

finally 5.30 i fetch my bii le
yea happy almost 1 week din saw her d
i oso know she very happy too
coz she keep laugh and very shy xD
sor bii lei gek 2gether jo still shy

when we gonna reach my home
she started nervous
she scare my mummy dun like her
haha bendan
nothing de u so cute my mummy sure like u
so v reach home edi
my mummy cook dinner for us
then my bii eat very slow because she too shy jo =p

after her fren MS.SY call her jo =[
haiz v cant er ren shi jie le lo.
so i fetch her fren and my fren too
we go to taipan food garden yamcha coz near my bii home =]

around 11pm i fetch my bii back le =[
very mm seh dak
i wan accompany her go up but then
she scare her mum saw so i just can sit in the car see her go up
that's all xD

bii i know sometimes u like to fa pi qi
but i tell u that i wont mind
coz i really love u much
XiaoYen I Love You

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happiness ♥

Finally Ms. Y had accept me =]
feel happy bcoz im not single anymore
and im 2gether with my love
I love U Ms. Y ( XIAO YEN)

nite im goin PD with frens~
if my Ms. Y is going v sure celebrate 2gether our 1st day xD
we around 12am reach the PD beach
so we take all the bbq stuff and food
my fren who in charge to bring the charcoal he forget to bring .
all of us soh jo @@

so we go find shops to buy but we cant find bcoz already 12.++am
all ppl oso sleep jo la..
then we find a restaurant so we buy from them
they very suks...
sell us some pieces of charcoal rm5 ==
nvm lo we jz bought it hehe.
luckily have other ppl going back d so they give us use their charcoal

then i call my lao po xD
she feel unhappy bcoz she cant go along with me..
but nvm la sor gua~ still have chance ma xD
around 4.30am we back home lu
tired sei me..

Ms.Y my lao po u dun feel sad
i promise u next time i will bring u go
just both of us er ren shi jie =]
i love u much
dun think negative ok?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy =>

2day i 8am wake up le lo..
then call my bii hehe.
so happy every morning can listen her voice
although her voice very blur but very cute a ! xD

so sien a just now go help my mami work
so tired lo... and scare late bcoz i promise my bii 4pm will fetch her back home
and fetch her go yam cha =] i wan "2 people world" with her xD
2pm i went to kok how house to fetch him and accompany him open bank account.
v at the bank waited around 20 mins only until his queue
he cant open the bank account lo.. za dou la wasted 20 mins in the end the staff said cant open
bcoz his IC chip have problem = =

so i fetch him back my house le bcoz im going late!
when i reach home is around 3pm edi so i just wash my hair only a
then i fetch him back his house and rush to my bii gek college hehe
luckily i reach there at 4.10 pm
hehe im not late =]
woo~ finally saw her
feel very happy

suddenly my fren fook shun call me ask me to yam cha snooker with him and kok how.
lol! my bii is in the car leh i ask her wan join my fren?
she said ok la watever lu
so i go find my frens bring her along
after yam cha i fetch her back
WTF is very jam la at KL
she want to reach home before 7pm
then i go wrong place
but in the end i reach her house before 7pm hehe
so she said she owe me a kiss xD
i wait ur kiss lo~

Ms. Y these few days we always on phone sleep together
although is just fake but i feel very sweet
i know we now can't like normal couple
but it's ok
i promised u that i will wait
still have 24 days =]
mwaa i love u

Monday, January 11, 2010

Waiting euu ♥

woo long time din update my blog jo lo
since my burfday till now

aikx tis few months happen a lot of things. about my family, relationship and bla bla bla .
im goin to stay wit my bro edi o
now finding house to stay ><
coz have some problem wit family

although a bit sad but now im happy everyday
i wit her everyday sms and talk feel very sweet

let's start the story from christmas eve =]
i remember tat day i take holiday bcoz i know tat she is goin to genting
then i lie her tat i din go bcoz i am working
she feel sad
then i wit my heng dai (kok hou) 2gether go to genting hehe
he very good la
sick still accompany me find my gal xD
thx a lot err

then at last i reach genting
i call her and ask her wait me at mcd then when she want to go there meet me i say actually i din come la jz make her only haha
then she started angry lu
after tat she started impatient edi
then i started scare edi lo scare later she reli dowan meet me so i reli went to mcd wait her
then finally we meet each other
feel very happy when i saw her neh
she oso same =]
both of us very paiseh luu~

then i wit her walk around~
we planned want to go safari after countdown but when we reach
OMG it was a lot of people
people mountain people sea
hehe xD
then she go watch movie lu
and my another gang fren oso come find me
feel very happy a coz they join me.. hehe
then wait her finish movie
meet her last time luh
she started cough and cant talk
tat time i feel very sam tong =[

then i wit my fren back at 4 am
then v have our breakfast
haha 1st time eat dim sum wit my fren lo
then reach home around 8am
sleep till 3pm then 2nd round go hang out wit fren

3/1 i date her went to sunway
but v jz step the sunway main door only
din even walk
bcoz she need to back home earlier..
so she say tmr only accompany me
hehe nvm lo wait 1 more day jek ma hehe

4/1 v went to time square
OMG i was late for my dating ==
shit laaaa
paiseh lo need a gal wait me...
then she shock bcoz i dye my hair edi hehe
so v go watch movie lu
v watch vampire assistant
but v sit at the most infront seats
nvm la can watch movie wit her sit toilet oso can lo~~
after movie v go old town have our lunch
i eat curry chicken she eat bun
haha i so bad neh bully her give her eat bun jek
but she very naughty la
cough still wan curi makan my curry chicken =="
dai sei lo keep cough..
around 6pm she back home
feel very mm seh dak

5/1 her fren ffk o
so i oso go time square again to accompany her buy shirts
then i accompany she buy 2 shirts
very nice =]
coz she wear wat oso nice de la hehe

now.. she say wait until valentine day only 2gether..
actually i cant wait...
but nvm i will respect her decision gek =]
hmm . . anyway feel very happy tat i have chance =]

anyway I just want to tell u
although im not perfect
but i will try my best to protect u
make u happy
and keep my promise
won't let u get hurt
I love U Ms.Y

Thursday, October 29, 2009

♥ Hapi Birthday ♥



after 1 year
at last my birthday reach!
so hapi
2day alot of friends greeted me
thx lot
i born 19 years
1st year many ppl greet me
most hapi is SHE greet me too
feel sweet

hmm another SHE also remember mine birthday wow
so suprise o.0
haiz if tmr no class
i sure go out play lo
still stay at home meh T.T
nvm wait saturday lorh

haha dai gor zai jo 19 years old
if "hao ming" already become daddy jo lu
k la
sleep le
thx ZHONG HOONG 2day pui me yam cha LOL xD



Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tired ==

wow 2day sleep till 12pm wow
1st time sleep till so late hehe
yst my fren la 2.30am only fetch me back
everyday like tis
i will die ==
after back home
sleep jo lo
wanted to call her but very tired ah

5pm i with my frens went to 'swim'
haha v jz go to swimming pool play water la
coz some of us duno how to swim
after swim all of us back home
lol 9pm back home
1st time so early back neh

then after i having my dinner n bath
i straight away went to sleep
reli tired
coz abit sick too~